The calendar of events at St Mary’s Church will be frequently updated to include ticketing and pricing details that are not immediately available, but will be posted as artists and musicians confirm.

There’s plenty of good music and entertainment to look forward to, so watch this space for details of times and ticketing.

When the church is hired for a concert or event, a reasonable time is allowed for setting up and rehearsals, sound checks etc. There is small staging available, made up of 16 units, each 750 millimetres square. These can be arranged according to need. A grand piano is available, also a pipe organ. The cost of tuning prior to a concert is the responsibility of the hirer. Details of our contracted tuner will be given.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks with biscuits and cake, or a licenced bar serving wine, bottled beer and soft drinks can be arranged. There is no additional charge to the hirer for this service – the church will retain the profits.

The church is a PRS licenced venue. Promoters should, if registered, make their own royalty returns to the PRS, otherwise a member of the music committee can undertake this.

The cost of hire for concerts etc. is £130.0



For full itinerary see below this article

On 15th August, the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady (celebrating the taking up to Heaven of the Virgin Mary at the time of her death), canoes will set off on a five-day journey down the River Wye, taking a statue of the Virgin Mary with them.  Where they stop along the route, there will be choirs, and parties, and all the churches along the route have agreed to ring the church bells as the statue floats by.

When they approached Hereford Cathedral to ask them to ring the bells, they offered something even better – so there will be a procession from the river carrying the statue to the West End of the cathedral, and the statue will then be installed on the high altar for Choral Evensong, where it will stay overnight.

The purpose of the journey is to raise money to clean up the River Wye, as well as raising awareness.

Father Richard hopes it can bring people together, whether they have a Christian faith or not.

(Thanks to Lesley Arrowsmith, ‘Life in Hay’ blog for allowing us to use this piece).

Picture shows Father Richard blessing the River Wye near Hay-on-Wye, with his dogs Daisy (left) and Moby (right) Pic credit: Jay Williams for The Telegraph.

Our Lady’s Voyage on the Wye Monday August 15th 2022
9.00. Procession of the sculpture of Our Lady from St. Mary’s, Hay, to launch site.
The launch will take place from the canoe launching beach on the opposite side of the river to the Gliss.
10.30 Launch
12.30 Whitney Bridge
17.00 Trumpet Voluntary on Bredwardine Bridge by Lyndon E-Smith
18.30 Belmont Abbey monks present Gregorian Chant in Moccas Church.
19.30 Feast in Moccas Village Hall and exhibition about the Wye.
The journey will continue daily, ending at Monmouth boathouse on August 18th.
On August 20th, the  statue will travel by road through Capel-y-Ffin via Gospel Pass to Llanigon and then to St. Mary’s in Hay.
Full details available in Way on High magazine at St. Mary’s, Hay.  There are plenty of copies available. Price: £1.00


Janice Day and Martin Litton Present……….








Tickets £15.00 on the door or from and Green Ink Booksellers, Hay