Calendar of Services



 Sunday, 14th April: Palm Sunday of Our Lord’s Passion:

9.30am Parish Mass in Llanigon

11.00am Procession and Parish Mass in St. Mary’s, Hay

The procession commemorates Our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem, welcomed by the crowd waving spring branches. The ‘station’ for blessing palms (starting point for procession) is at the bottom of the path to the north-east of the church.

St. Luke’s Passion is read during Mass.

Wednesday in Holy week, 17th April:

10.00am Mass in St. Marys, Hay

Thursday in Holy Week, 18th April:

This morning there is no Mass in St. John’s Chapel



 The Paschal Triduum runs inclusively from Maundy Thursday evening to Easter Sunday evening. Throughout the Triduum the Church celebrates the Easter mystery: The Father’s redeeming work wrought in his beloved Son and our own share in this great salvation through the Sacraments. The Easter mystery cannot be separated from the mystery of Pentecost, because both the victory of the Cross and our Baptism into the Christ, crucified and risen, were accomplished through the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

Maundy Thursday Evening, 18th April:

7.00pm Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper in St. Mary’s, Hay, followed by procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose, where the Watch of the Passion takes place.


The Altar of Repose has been prepared with candles and flowers to represent the Garden of Gethsemane and to honour the ‘real presence’ of our Lord in Consecrated Bread.

In the Garden our Saviour experienced his bitter agony of prayer. Although the Altar of Repose is adorned with festivity, the rest of the church dwells now in darkness, stripped of ornament, and wrapped in a mantle of mourning. The church remains open until eleven o’clock for the watch of silent prayer. People may come and go according to opportunity during this ‘rota’ of personal devotion.

Good Friday, 19th April:

12 noon Stations of the Cross in Llanigon

3.00pm Solemn Liturgy of Our Lord’s Passion in St. Mary’s, Hay: Ministry of the Word with readings of St. John’s Passion; General Intercessions; Adoration of the Cross; Holy Communion

Today the congregation takes part in two processions: first, to the unveiled Cross, for touching the wood or kissing the feet of the Crucifix; secondly, to the altar rail for receiving Holy Communion. On Good Friday Mass is not celebrated. Nevertheless, the Body of Christ is given from the supply consecrated and ‘reserved’ from evening Mass yesterday.

The use of the Reserved Sacrament is part of normal ministry to the sick: Holy Communion is taken out of the Tabernacle and carried to homes of people cut off by illness from the Sunday assembly.

The Tabernacle is the ‘tent’ of Divine Presence, situated at the back of our altar between the six candlesticks. It normally contains Consecrated Wafers, food for the faithful. During the first part of the Triduum the bare, empty Tabernacle shows the desolation of the Church caused by the loss of her Lord. Good Friday Communion is served from an alternative, ‘private’ place of reservation.

Holy Saturday, 20th April:

No service in St. John’s Chapel

6.00pm Evensong in St. Mary’s Hay, followed by Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation)


 This begins late on Saturday, after sundown, with celebration of the Paschal Vigil. Though actually happening before midnight, the Vigil is reckoned, by force of anticipation, as belonging to Easter Sunday rather than Holy Saturday.

Saturday Night, 20th April:

8.00pm Solemn Liturgy of the Easter Vigil in St. Mary’s, Hay:

Blessing of New Fire in churchyard; procession of Easter Candle into darkened church; Song of Easter Praise; Ministry of the Word, extending through Old Testament Prophecy to Easter Gospel; Blessing of the Font with Renewal of Baptismal Vows; first Mass of Easter.

The Easter Vigil is the great Baptismal Service. Even if, on this occasion we have only Renewal of Vows, the Vigil Service is designed for the Baptism, Confirmation and first Communion of new Christians, who will have undergone final training and instruction during Lent.

Easter Sunday of Our Lord’s Resurrection, 21st April:

9.30am Parish Mass in Llanigon

11.00am Parish Mass in St. Mary’s, Hay

6.00pm District Mass in Little St. Mary’s, Capel-y-ffin

Easter Wednesday, 24th April:

10.00am Mass in St. Mary’s, Hay

Commemoration of Armenian Genocide 1915

 Easter Thursday, 25th April:

10.00am Mass in St. John’s Chapel

Sunday, 28th April: Second Sunday and Week in Eastertide: Easter Octave: Low Sunday: Divine Mercy Sunday:

9.30am Parish Mass in Llanigon

11.00am Parish Mass in St. Mary’s, Hay

Today is Pascha, Easter Sunday, in Easter Orthodox Churches, which keep the old Julian Calendar.

 Monday, 29th April: Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church, Patron Saint of Europe.