Fr. Richard’s Letter


In some ways one could describe music as communication without argument or even concept. A ‘sigh’ is the true language of the heart – communicating deep things without the encumbrance of language. Sighs and music are not unconnected,

But we are human beings and language is part of what it is that makes us human. Words fail – but we just have to use them. When it comes to religious language (how I hate the word ‘religion’!) the problem is even more acute.

We glibly refer to ‘Christ as King of Kings’, we pray in the ‘Our Father’ – ‘thy Kingdom come’, and our understanding is coloured by the trappings of earthly power, the paltry politics of this present time.

It is for this reason I love the poem by R. S. Thomas. He once preached from St. Mary’s pulpit and extolled the virtue of burning down second homes owned by the wealthy English!

That said, I hope you enjoy the poem. His vision of what a true Kingdom is, makes one more and more determined to live as a citizen of that Kingdom, and be a small part in its coming.


It’s a long way off but inside it there are quite different things going on

Festivals at which the poor man is King, and the consumptive is healed

Mirrors in which the blind look at themselves and love looks at them back

And industry is for mending the bent bones and minds fractured by life

It’s a long way off, but to get there takes no time and admission is free

If you will purge yourself of desire, and present yourself with your need only

and the simple offering of your faith, green as a leaf.

With Love and Prayers

Fr. Richard