Christian Icons

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Christian Icons are images of Christ and his Saints.  As we gaze on them and pray in front of them, we begin to realise that the people who they depict also behold us, filled with love and compassion.

The artist Christina Watson is the mother of four children and has been a self-employed sign-writer and decorative artist for over 35 years.

She has always enjoyed restoring artists’ work to their original glory, and has carried out restorative work on narrowboats, gypsy wagons and on other sign-written media. Icon writing – not painting! – is very similar but with an added spiritual dimension that comes from employing pure and natural materials, prayer and meditation.

Her interest in gold leaf, and making paints from pigments, is leading her to a more sacred type of painting, as well as inspiring in her a need to express in imagery what cannot be expressed in words.

Christina has loved Christian Icons since she was a small child. She does not pretend to be an expert, but is studying under the directorship of Aidan Hart, completing the first year of three with the Prince’s Trust for Traditional Arts, and with Brian Bessant, both well known for their devotion to, and work on, Icons. Aidan is internationally acclaimed, and his work is in great demand. Christina hopes to gain her Diploma in Iconography in 2019.

Christina has spent time studying in Bethlehem with Ian Knowles at the Bethlehem Icon School and spent a week in Cairo studying a specific iconographer from the 18th Century who was an Armenian refugee working with a Coptic Monk.

In 2018 Christina will be visiting Wadi Natrun monastery in Egypt and several churches in Old Cairo.

Christina’s Icons can be seen at St. Mary’s Church, Hay-on-Wye or by following the link to her Facebook page.